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Europe risks life and limb!

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Europe has been dancing with devil since they sheltered the Islamic immigrants! Whoever helps Islam will have the tragic experience of Paris  till the time Islam follows devilish Quran. The leftist media and social syndicate who forced Europe to accept the wolves in sheep’s cloth is silent now!  When Aylan was killed by his human trafficker father; many were there to sympathize. Where are they when France and the rest of Europe suffer?

Manova warned that; Islam had targeted Europe; when they started ‘Jasmine Revolution’. Europe failed to understand Islam due to their spiritual regression. To a larger extent the Catholic Church is responsible for this; as the spirit of secularism has been unleashed through the Second Vatican Council and spread all over the world. After Paris tragedy; Francis said; it was the beginning of third world war. Was he garnering the war by calling every Catholic parish to adopt a refugee family? Europe should know Francis from his words and deeds; unless you would witness more.

One of the terrorist who led attacks in Paris was a refugee who entered through Greece. It’s the ignorance about Islam made Europeans accept the refugees. The major culprits are the Catholic Church which has been spreading the misconception, that Islam and Christians are brothers, for more than half a century; and the Protestants who feel the same . The Catholic Church has published a book called ‘Youcat’ to teach Allah and Yahweh are same. Manova doesn’t blame the Catholic Church alone, only half of the believers in Europe belong to Catholic faith; and the rest are from other denominations. 

A Pentecost follower sent Manova a message, which says that the reason behind the terror attack in Paris was that Europe had abandoned Yeshua( Jesus) and took Mother Mary instead. He doesn’t know anything about Europe; half of the Europe discarded Mother Mary! Angela Markel – the German Chancellor - roams through refugee camps and takes selfies with migrants is a Protestant. The real reason is that European Christians have hugged secularism; and discarded Yahweh and His only Son Yeshua!

Only Christians nurture the secular thoughts; and accept the rules fictionalized by the UN. The Islam and all other heathens hold their laws and culture tightly. UN doesn’t have any problem with that. Jews and the Christians are the only ones who received law directly from the God and they reject them easily. Do you think Yahweh would spare those who rejected the only savior – His Son – Yeshua?  Secularism is only on paper in Islamic and non Christian nations. Cows in India have more rights than non Hindus.

The European generation doesn’t get teachings about Yeshua and Christianity; and has lost its prudence. They become blind; they can’t identify the devilish rules formed by UN to substitute the biblical law. This could happen to anybody  who walks away from Yahweh. Look at this word:   In order that all those who have not believed in the truth, but who have consented to iniquity, may be judged. (2 Thess: 2; 11). The Europe receives the punishment because they  forsake God -Yahweh. They borrowed this disaster.

Snake bit the enchanter!

Who will take pity on an enchanter struck by a serpent, or on someone who draws near to wild beasts? And so it is with one who keeps company with an iniquitous man and is involved in his sins. For one hour, he will abide with you. But if you begin to turn aside, he will not permit it (Sirach: 12;13,14). These words are completely true in case of Europe. Europe realizes that they nurtured deadly snake. Europe has sheltered the Islamic people those who kill each other. Europe should have known that the Islamic refugees have the blood of Christians on their hands. The Islam targeted Europe, by ignoring their oil rich neighbors, because they know that, there is no Christian left in those countries!

The folks who kill and worship devil are damned. The nations and people who refuge such multitude will share the curse. Yahweh has warned us that we should not help them; and the policies Europeans have made by rejecting the God hunt them. Look at His warning:  If you do good, know to whom you do it, and there will be many thanks for your good deeds. Do good to the just, and you will find great recompense, and if not from him, certainly from the Lord (Sirach: 12; 1, 2). Does Islam deserve Europe’s mercy? Their hands are stained with the blood of Christians who were killed only for that they worshipped Yeshua as God and Saviour! Hence they are cursed, and the alms given to them challenge Yahweh. Bible strictly cautions as follows: Give to the merciful, and you should not assist the sinner. For the impious and the sinner will be repaid with the vengeance being held for them on the day of retribution. Give to the good, but you should not receive from a sinner. Do good to the humble, but you should not give to the impious; withhold your bread, do not give it to him, otherwise he may overpower you with it. For you will find twice the evil for all the good you will have done to him. For the Most High also holds hatred for sinners, and he will repay vengeance to the impious (Sirach: 12; 4, 7).

Europeans don’t know the fact that the weapons which are used to kill them had been purchased using the tax paid by them. The dress the terrorists have and the food they eat are from taxpayers. The European leaders should forget that they are snitching own citizens by showing mercy to Islam. It’s the devil’s spirit; which seduced them to sow the catastrophe over the people who live peacefully. They don’t see the grin on the face of rest world; that blandish them.

Europe, you must open your eyes!

Manova says the same words, which are used by the leftist media and social syndicate to advice Europe: Europe, open your eyes! You didn’t open your eyes properly when they demanded so, if you did so; you must have seen the blood on their hands. The governments should realize the fact that their citizens are panicked. You must come out of the belief that there are moderate Muslims; none can be moderate those who follow Quran. If they don’t have favorable situations; they act so. Nobody will sympathize. There is no nation in this world; which didn’t become prey to the Devilish Islam!

If the European governments have any concern about their people, they should send all the Islamic immigrants back to their countries. If anyone barks against it, ignore them due to your responsibility to the citizens. Saudi who offered monetary help to build 200 mosques in Germany has the wealth and room to accommodate the whole Islam. Their culture and belief are same! Moreover, the Islamic countries have the responsibility to help their brothers and sisters who suffer among the pork eating infidels!

If Europe bears Islam which doesn’t contain its culture and tradition, its end will be worst than Syria and Iraq. You are digging your own grave! Send Islam back. Don’t listen to the Pope or anyone. The Spirit of Communism driven out by Europe leads him.  It’s his communist blood generates hatred toward Europe. The governments of the nations should consider the safety of citizens; their first priority.

Note: Don’t rear animals that can’t be tainted; they shall hurt your kids.

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